Chic Hangover Cures

Hangovers are fun for no one, but in this summer season, an inevitable fact of life. As a wise friend of mine once said, “it’s all about creating a world of soft corners,” so, here are seven finds that will soften the corners in the chicest way possible.

Cure #1: Yoga
The last thing you probably want to do is remove yourself from the comfort of your bed, get dressed and go exercise, but, sweating it out does wonders for your hangover. Take it from yours truly, sweating your face off and stretching it out in yoga will get your blood pumping, reduce the toxins in your body (au revoir champagne) and have you feeling like a million bucks afterwards.

SHOP NOW: Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection, $14, Bryan Kest,

Cure #2: Vitamin B
This little capsule of Vitamin B’s will work wonders. Most effective when taken before drinking, this complex, which includes Vitamin B12, helps metabolize alcohol more effectively. Even if you can’t take it the day of going out, taking the morning after will still help give you a boost.

SHOP NOW: Coenzyme B-Complex capsules, $9, Country Life,

Cure #3: H2O
Obviously, hydrating is tops, we just prefer to do it in style with something a little more effervescent than tap water. The best part is, sparkling water’s bubbles can help settle a stomach that’s just had too much. Tip: Take a ginger capsule to help your tummy feel better faster.

SHOP NOW: Artesian sparkling water, $65 for 12 glass bottles, Voss,

Cure #4: Cozy Clothes
When you’re hungover, you basically feel like you need to be coddled in cashmere and rocked to sleep. Well, you’re an adult and this super cozy robe will do the coddling for you. Forgo pants, just stay in your jammies and Netflix binge all day long.

SHOP NOW: Knit dressing gown, $90,

Cure #5: Eye Cream
Heaven forbid you have to leave the house to run errands or meet your friends for brunch. Do some damage control and apply a soothing eye cream that cools on contact. We love this one that has a tiny iron-inspired applicator tip — a little humor helps when you’re feeling in the dumpster.

SHOP NOW: Puff Off! eye cream, $29, Benefit Cosmetics,

Cure #6: Sleep
Let’s be honest, the most effective way to make the pain go away is to sleep it off. Do as Holly Golightly did and put you eye mask back on, your ear plugs in and get as much beauty sleep as possible.

SHOP NOW: Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping beauty set, $50,

Cure #7: Sunglasses
If you’re forced to leave the comfort of your shade-drawn cozy home, do not forget your sunglasses! You’re hungover and incredibly sensitive to just about everything right now, so don’t let that pesky sun get in your peepers. Bonus points since giant rims will hide your cavernous, dark circle, baggy eyes.

SHOP NOW: Banks sunglasses, $95,

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