How To Be Happy Now

WE’RE ALL ONE LIFE CHANGE or detox away from lightness, leanness, love and laurels, right?

Not quite.

Be happy now.

It’s about inspiration, it’s about being inspired wherever you go. It’s about relying on no one but yourself to create this for you, relying on yourself to be the change and be that person who doesn’t just sit in fear waiting for someone else to make the move. It’s about working with what you have, in this very instant; using all the tools just maybe in different or unfamiliar or less comfortable  ways.

Be happy now. It’s about actualizing your life in this existence, not stressing to exist within some predefined life. It’s not about the half-full outlook per se, but the more pragmatic What do I want, what do I need and how am I actually allowed all these things right now but just might not realize it?

You have talents and a myriad of ways to use them. Forget the conventional and familiar – there is always something else, some other outlet you’re yet to realize has been open to you all along. Just because it’s unfamiliar does not mean it’s invalid. Everywhere can be your stage and everything can be your muse. You’re surrounded by nature – you’re on Planet Earth! Isn’t the fact that the world turns and we see the sun rise every morning in the east and set every eve in the west a wonder in and of itself? Be happy now.

And whether happy means being a team member or going at it alone, happy is here for you in whatever way you like it. In a run, in a song, in a straight path or a U-turn. You have the final say, you have the last word, you have the brilliant ideas and you have the voice that matters.

Be happy tomorrow. Be happy tonight. Be happy now

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