How To Be More In The Present

With our iPads, iPhones and laptops at the ready, it can be hard to take time out. Instead of taking in the world around us, we’re bombarded from every portal: Instagram feeds, Facebook’s dirty laundry or dedicating an entire board to your dream home on Pinterest? We get it, it’s easy to get caught up, but when we take it all away, are we missing something?

There is nothing more invaluable than receiving someone’s wholehearted, undivided attention. Now, this seems to be a rarity. So here are 10 ways you can try every day, once a week or once a month to get back to basics and live in the now.

1. Do a tech detox

We challenge you to switch off, unplug and let go of your tech devices for one whole day. Instead, focus on doing things you LOVE without the distractions. Can you do it?

2. When someone speaks, listen 

Don’t run through your dinner ingredients in your head while politely nodding. Give some good quality eye contact, it goes a long way.

3. Make plans 

With your loved ones, more often! Throw a dinner party for your girlfriends or plan a day adventure with your partner. It’s these memories that ground your spirit.

4. Be grateful 

For each and every moment in your day. Better yet, sit down and write a list of 3 things right now.

5. Embrace your inner child 

Find things that used to bring you joy like walking barefoot in the grass or picking up shells on the shorefront. It’s the simple things.

6. Stay organised 

Spend one day organising yourself so you can be free to embrace the spontaneous life events that may come your way instead of always feeling under the pump.

7. Wake up an hour earlier 

To live an hour more. Dedicate this time to some light stretching or meditating – even if it’s just 10 minutes, it will make the world of difference.

8. Breathe 

Diaphragmatic breathing is not only good for your health, but calms you and brings you back to your centre.

9. Stay positive

Instead of bombarding your roomie/partner each night with the negatives, ask them about the highlight of their day.

10. Embrace the little things

Banish those first world problems for good and take time to appreciate the little things. It may be a nourishing breakfast, your morning brew or even some sweet solitude in your morning shower.

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