Feel More Motivated At Life!

When the Christmas break is finally in sight, it can be hard it can be to continue to feel sparkly and bright! When the official countdown to the end of the working year kicks in, our motivation goes MIA and it’s easy to mindlessly fall in and out of daydreams about those scorching summer days you’re set to spend with sandy feet and salty hair. But don’t check out just yet! Instead of relinquishing your productivity to thoughts of peach parfaits and pool time, hold on just that little bit longer and finish the year in a way you’ll be proud of! After all, the best holidays are the ones that are well deserved, right?

If you feel as though you’re starting to flat line, here are four sure-fire ways to keep your sparkle bright so you can successfully ride out the end of the year!


Nourishing your body may seem like a no-brainer (pun totally intended), but did you know that fuelling up on healthy and wholesome food is about so much more than looking babe‘in in a bikini? Our brains are made up of 60% fat, which needs to be sustained through our diet. Incorporating good fat into your nourish routine is absolutely crucial for optimum brain function, especially during those times when you find your motivation is on a bit of a downward spiral. Opt for foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids like avocado, nuts, salmon and chia seeds, all of which will improve memory and cognition and even enhance your mood!


Before you make your Christmas wish list and check it twice, jot down all the tasks you need to have completed before you head on holidays and categorise them accordingly. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, list writing is a simple and effective way to breakdown your workload into manageable bites and will ensure your finger is always on the pulse. Time is a precious commodity and when there are only eight hours in a working day, every minute counts. List writing is about working smarter not longer, because lets face it, the last thing you want to be doing at this time of year is overtime!


Even though your workload pre-vacay might seem bigger than Mount Everest, we’re allotted breaks for a reason! Breaks have boundless benefits and have even been scientifically proven to enhance your productivity! They keep us from getting bored and unfocused, they help us regain some much needed mental clarity and unclutter our brain from the hundreds of thoughts that are constantly spinning around up there.

So if you’re feeling couped up or confined in the walls of your office, take a 10-minute time out! Try stepping outside to soak up some sunlight, pop in your headphones and tune out with a pump up playlist, read a chapter of your favourite book or just sit and engage in some mindful meditation!


In the wise words of Elle Woods, “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy”. A quick move first thing in the morning will help you find your focus, set you up in a positive frame of mind and get those feel good chemicals flowing through your body for the rest of the day! Even if 10 minutes is all you can spare, a brisk walk around the block or a quick yoga session on your balcony will make the world of difference!


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