Fitness Forecast 2015

One of the main reasons why we get tired of exercising is because the same-old routines we complete are exactly that – same old. It’s easy to place a work out in the “too-boring-basket” if we’re not motivated enough to do them. We’ve done a bit of research and have found out the best new emerging exercise trends that are going to hit it big in 2015. Now you have NO excuse to get tired of your same old workout.

Without further ado…

Short Workouts: Sometimes less is more. With most of us finding it hard to fit in quality exercise time due to being so time poor, 15-30 minute workouts may just be for you. If you are are put off by one hour workouts, maybe you would be more willing to push harder if it’s for a shorter about of time. Set up a mini workout in a gym studio with some equipment or get outside in nature with just your body weight as resistance.

Online Workouts: The once prominent workout DVD/video has certainly had its heyday. Another developing trend is web-based workouts. More and more people are participating in online challenges or watching workout videos. If you don’t like gyms (let’s face it; they’re not for everyone) these web-based trends are a great way to participate anywhere anytime in your own home or with a sister of support (just so you can stay accountable).

Barre Workout: Pronounced ‘Bar’, it is a new style of fitness reworking the traditional ballet-inspired workout by adding in a major cardio component. It’s basically a fusion of dance and Pilates. The strength from Pilates and the cardio and flow of dance makes this exercise feel like you’re a dancer without actually being one. Certainly gets the heart pumping with a full body workout to sculpt lean muscle.

Telemetry: If you’re the slightest bit into tech toys, you’re also onto this next growing trend in fitness, “Telemetry”. It’s not just for the oil and gas industry or NASA anymore. This trend includes those wristbands that track your daily activity, heart rate monitors and other wearable devices. “Competition based workouts are huge right now too,” say Dixon, especially in group classes like cycling where performance metrics are displayed on a board in the room.

Many of these wearable devices sync up with apps too. But there are also just the apps themselves that you can use on your iPhone or smart phone device without having to wear anything or input data into logs. There are apps for tracking runs and bike rides, apps to track your sleep and take you heart rate. Of course there’s still hundreds of other helpful apps around for health and fitness, but they require logging in your data. The automated apps and devices are the way of the future.

Programs: Many programs that help track and record your exercise and healthy eating are beneficial in terms of seeing results. Our SkinnyMe tea Teatox Tracker App is the perfect Application to track your results and keep you motivated to exercise. What could be better than that?

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