Fallen Off The Fitness Bandwagon?

If your membership card to the gym is collecting dust or you’ve developed a pizza-and-potato-chips diet, it’s time to recommit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Starting a healthy diet and fitness routine is already hard, but it can be especially tough if you’ve strayed from a once-healthy lifestyle. Feelings of guilt and failure are enough to keep anyone’s hand buried deep into a Doritos bag! Instead of thinking about a healthy makeover as an insurmountable endeavour, view it as a series of small, easy tasks — before you know it, you’ve adopted an entirely new lifestyle! Looking to make a change? Here are five easy ways to recommit yourself to fitness.

1. Cook A Healthy Recipe! Oftentimes, falling off the fitness wagon involves eating out; and, since you’re not preparing the food yourself, it can be challenging to eat healthy at a restaurant. Inspire a healthy makeover by committing to cook more meals at home. You’ll be more accountable for what goes onto your plate and into your body.

2. Start With An Easy Workout! A new fitness routine can be intimidating — especially after a long hiatus. Instead of killing yourself right out of the starting gate, let your body ease in to things by picking an easy- to moderate-level workout. Go for a brisk walk, take a beginning yoga class, or complete a beginner treadmill workout at the gym. From here, gradually build on your workouts to increase both your endurance and strength levels.

3. Schedule A Fitness Date With A Friend! When you’ve lost the groove of a regular fitness routine, exercise can seem like a real drag. Instead of making excuses on why you can’t go, schedule a fitness date with a friend or your partner — just remember to keep it fun! Having someone in your corner will help keep you accountable; at the same time, a loved one can motivate you to stick with your goals.

4. Eat Clean For One Week! After spending so much time eating anything you want, commit yourself to a natural detox of sorts by eating clean. Rid your diet of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, and caffeine. Go a step further by eliminating foods that people show sensitivities to like dairy and gluten. What’s left is a diet of whole, natural, unprocessed goodness. Chances are you will feel lighter and more energised than ever before!

5. Give Up A Vice! After spending so much time neglecting your health, shift the focus to a healthier lifestyle by giving up one of your vices. Whether it’s alcohol, a leaning toward sweet treats, or too much television, commit to giving up a vice for an extended period of time.

6. Start With The Little Things: Improve Your Mood! There are many natural remedies out there that can help to enhance your mood and get you in the right state of mind to start to revisit your fitness journey. There is a direct link between your mental and physical health, and helping yourself get in the right mental state can play an influential role in improving your physical health. Many of the ingredients contained in SMT products are known for their properties to improve mood and state of mind – have a look here at out product range to see which one would suit you the best!



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