Ways To Prevent Overeating

It’s so easy to overeat these days. However, it’s just as easy to curb this habit. Just try and make these simple changes and you’ll find yourself more in control of what, where, when and how you eat.

1. How oversized are your serving utensils? 

Make use of smaller serving utensils. You’ll end yo putting smaller portions on your plate, which results in eating less at each sitting. Avoid scraping food from the serving dish on to your plate. There’s absolutely no way to gauge how much you consume when you serve this way. Use knives to slice meats and casseroles so you can control portions.

2. What’s distracting you? 

Eliminate distractions while eating. Try this experiment: Compare your portions and time spent eating on two different nights. One night, eat while you’re engrossed in your favourite TV series On the second night, eat when you’re seated at the dinner table without distractions.

3. Where’s your fork? 

Put down your fork between bites. It’s very likely that if you keep your fork in your hands as you chew, you’ll have the urge to load it while you’re still chewing and take another bite right away. This can have negative effects and cause you to eat more than you really need.

4. How quickly do you chew your food? 

Take time to chew your food longer. If you train yourself to chew longer, you’ll discover how much more quickly you fill full

5. Why so hungry? 
If you find yourself starving by the time you sit down for each meal, maybe it’s time you consider why this is. Perhaps whatever it is you’re eating throughout the day is not providing your body with enough nutrients. It may be a sign that you need to reassess your diet. In addition, there are many ways you can naturally suppress your appetite – take a look at our product range or download our free eating plan if you think you are far too hungry come meal time.


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