8 Habits Of Highly Fit People

Here at SMT, we love spreading the word of making health not a fad, but a lifestyle. Here are some little tips of people who have managed to make sure that a healthy lifestyle becomes ingrained in their every day living!

1. They Make Health A Lifestyle.

Those who achieve and maintain high levels of fitness are not interested in short-term or temporary fixes. You won’t find them dieting for six weeks to get into a bathing suit for a weeklong vacation, for a perfect Instagram selfie or for a single evening at their 20-year high-school reunion. Instead, fit people make it a permanent lifestyle and prioritise it over the long haul.

2. They Have Fun.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be synonymous with drudgery. It can be fun if you choose to make it so. The most successful fit people find fun and enjoyment in their fitness journey. They experiment and do new things all the time to stay fit. Look for the fun in your plan, from learning to cook new foods to playing sports with friends to learning new exercises. Focusing on some variation and fun keeps you fully engaged with your plan.

3. They Follow The 85/15 Rule

The myth that ultra-fit people don’t enjoy a drink from time to time and live on nothing but chicken, broccoli and brown rice is just that: a myth. Something that separates people who’ve been more successful with maintaining their fitness and physique is embracing moderation in their nutrition. In other words, they follow the 85/15 rule. This means that if 85 percent of the time you eat in the way that emphasizes fruits and vegetables and high-quality meats, eggs and fish while limiting processed food, simple sugar, hydrogenated oil and alcohol, then 15 percent of time you can eat whatever you want. In real-world terms, that’s about one in every seven meals. And, if you’re eating four meals a day, that’s one of your meals every two days.

4. They Make It Competitive

One of the greatest motivators is competition. That doesn’t necessarily mean competing in a bodybuilding show, a Tough Mudder or a 5K race (although it certainly can include those things). The best competition is the one against yourself in the gym. There is a difference between working out and training. The former is exercising without a concrete plan. The latter is extremely structured and goal oriented. If you simply worked out by wandering around the gym with no real purpose and performing whatever exercises came to mind, you’d likely stop being active out of boredom or lack of results. Bottom line: Find your inner athlete, compete against yourself, have a plan, follow that plan, try to improve and keep good records.

5. They Recover From A Relapse

Fitness aficionados don’t allow slip-ups to completely derail them. People who have maintained a high level of fitness over the long haul don’t give themselves permission to go on a “food bender” or a monthlong hiatus from hitting the gym if they deviate from their normal nutrition style or miss one workout. Savvy fit folks don’t allow the wheels to totally come off the tracks.

6. They Know What They Don’t Know. 

If you’re not an accountant, you could attempt to complete and file your own tax returns. Of course, you’d probably only get about 30 percent correct and risk being audited. Or you could just hire an accountant. Point is: Fit and healthy people defer to experts and are open to being coached. They know what they don’t know and seek advice from people who are in the know to get the best results in the least amount of time.

7. They Avoid “Analysis Paralysis” 

If you want to live your fittest life, your workout plan needs to be uncomplicated and straightforward. Overanalyzing every little aspect of your workouts, attempting to take on programs that are too advanced and hopping from one program to the next often leads to frustration and feeling overwhelmed. The people who stay the most consistent with their workouts keep it manageable, simple and fun. We all live busy lives, and making things overly complicated in the gym can lead to burnout and apathy.

8. They Realise a Training Program Is Not Synonymous With A Weightloss Program. 

The most successful clients don’t look at exercise as a weight-loss method. Instead, they gauge the effectiveness of their training program on improvements in strength and performance — not on how much weight they’re losing. Those who do see the value in their workouts understand the role nutrition plays in fat loss (it’s huge!) and don’t stop training because the scale number hasn’t moved much. Accept that changes in diet are what primarily drive fat loss, and the primary objective of a good training program is to enhance fitness and performance. You’ll be far happier if you adopt this mind-set and will stay more consistent with your workouts.

via: LiveStrong




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