De-Bloat Your Diet !

Want to beat the bloat this season? What you eat has a huge effect on how you feel. We’ve created a list of foods to substitute at meals to ensure you’re feeling taut and terrific this party season.



Breakfast Fresh fruit and organic yoghurt. Fruit is full of nutrients and the probiotics in the yoghurt help with digestion. Anything high in salt. Think bacon or sausage, because the high salt content is going to make you balloon.
Lunch Fish and a vegetable salad. Use green peppers, cucumbers, and lots of lettuce, because they have a ton of water which fills you up French fries! They’re saturated in oil and covered in salt. If you eat something like that for lunch, the salt content will make you look puffy.
Dinner Grilled chicken and vegetables. Steamed asparagus or spinach with lemon and garlic. Pizza. We love it, but it’s bread and cheese. And cheese can be very high in salt and fat.
Dessert Organic berries and dark chocolate. They high antioxidant count means that they’re good for you! Lollies or candy that are high in sugar. It’s artificial everything!
Fast Food The vegetarian sandwich from subway. It’s all veggies, and low in calories. Add avocado for additional health benefits. Fried chicken. Deep-friend, nonorganic chicken with those gooey sauces: pure sugar, fat, and salt – with hormones on top!

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