Scale Sabotage

Owning household scales is definitely no biggie. After all, keeping our weight under control and in check for health reasons is a good thing. However, weighing ourselves too frequently could actually be one of the biggest saboteur of weight loss, health and possibly even self-esteem.

Stepping on a scale every day can be motivating, especially for people who are just beginning their weight-loss journey or starting a new workout program. However, the daily weighing ritual can sometimes be more discouraging than not. Even if that number does keep going down, we seem to be basing our own worth and value on that number, rather than focusing on what is important: health!

The kind of thinking that we will be happier when we weigh X amount places us in a holding pattern and life ends up passing by while we wait for that magic number to appear on the scale. The problem with being attached to a specific weight is that for many people it’s just not realistic.

Being controlled by a number is never fun. Our weight often rules us: It can control what we eat and how we act. We can become disconnected from what is important: truly living life, making connections with others, self-acceptance, internal health and having fun.

Health starts from inside of us and so does happiness. If you’re letting a number on your scale control how you feel about yourself, you might want to take a deeper look at what is important to you.

Do you want life to pass by while you wait for a number on the scale, or do you want to eat healthy, exercise, laugh, play, connect with others and have fun? You decide.

via: Livestrong 

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