Best Health & Fitness Apps To Watch

You don’t need a nutritionist to let you know the best health and fitness apps that are at your fingertips to improve your health! We’ve rounded up our 8 favourite apps to use (thanks to our brilliant friends at Greatlist) to get you motivated!

FITOCRACY:  It’s (almost) all fun and games with the Fitocracy app. Users track their workouts, earn points for exercising, and compete against other members of the Fitocracy community.

JEFIT: Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is just getting to the gym, and JEFIT understands that. Beginners are welcome to try this app that lets users create a workout schedule, track their progress, and search for new exercises.

VITOGO: What good is a personal trainer that doesn’t fit in a gym bag? Customized workout programs guide users through exercises with tips and videos. Whether the goal is losing weight, building muscle, or increasing endurance, Vitogo’s got it covered.

MAP MY RUN: MapMyRun tracks runners’ exact paths as they cross the globe on foot. Plus the app records other features of a workout like speed, distance, pace, and calories burned.

POCKET YOGA: Salute the sun on the train, on the sidewalk, or in the comfort of home — this app lets users take the benefits of yoga virtually anywhere. Choose a difficulty level and then downward dog into 27 different video sessions. Refer to the handy dictionary of yoga poses anytime.

WHOLE FOODS MARKET RECIPE. This app is the whole (foods) enchilada. Search for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that use only natural and organic foods. There are even options for specific diets, like gluten-free and vegan. And amateur chefs are welcome — enter the ingredients currently in the fridge and the app figures out how to combine them in a healthy concoction.

GREEN KITCHEN: Make friends turn green with envy when they see this fancy new cooking app. From the bloggers at Green Kitchen Stories comes this extensive collection of organic, vegetarian recipes, complete with mouthwatering photos. To make life easier, upload ingredients right to a shopping list and get easy-to-follow cooking instructions.

SLEEP CYCLE: Good morning, sunshine! This bio-alarm clock tracks users’ sleep patterns and rouses them when they’re in the lightest sleep phase, for the least torturous wake-up possible. Available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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