Making Monday Easy(ier)!

Spring has well and truly sprung in Australia. Now that the days are getting longer, the nights warmer and our moods better, it seems more realistic that the goals we set for ourselves will be achieved.

So with that in mind, we’re taking cue from the amazing women at Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe and testing their methods to make Monday (and the ensuing week) a little more fulfilling and inspirational.

1. Make the weekend count

When you make the most of your 2.5 days off, you’ll enter the start of the week in a positive mindset and feeling energised, knowing you spent the weekend with intention.

2. Make and effort to rise early 

If you’re not a morning person, rising early can be harder than not being jealous of Amal Alamuddin. The best way try and execute this is by getting restful and consistent sleep. Nothing will prep you more for a productive and happy week than establishing a positive morning ritual.

3. Set goals 

Although we sometimes dread it, Monday morning has got a lot of potential. It’s the start of a brand new week full of possibility.A great way to go about this is to record your weekly intentions and goals in a journal so you’re able to reflect back on them, but you could also combine this practice with an AM yoga session or meditation.

4. Prepare your meals 

If you run out of the door on an empty stomach, and stress levels at an all-time high, chances are you Monday won’t be so easy breezy. Here’s a simple tip that is practised by active women around the globe. Breakfast is a lot more doable in the morning when it’s already prepared!

5. Adopt a healthy habit 

Nothing beats the feeling of forming a new healthy habit. It makes you feel proud, and puts the wheels in motion to cultivating more positive rituals. If you hit snooze more often than you would like to admit, change it and get up half an hour earlier. If you’re reliant on a cup of coffee to wake up, why not switch it up with a green juice or tea to kickstart the day with a belly full of nutrients.

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