Lacking motivation, are we?

It’s all too easy to think about skipping your regular workout in lieu of a more enticing activity. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Exercise – so next time you feel like bypassing the gym – think about all the amazing benefits that will come in conjunction with your workout instead!

1. Exercise improves skin tone and colour

2. Exercise improves sleeping patterns

3. Exercise helps prevent strokes

4. Exericse improves muscle strength

5. Exercise improves joint function

6. Exercise alleviates anxiety

7. Exercise sharpens memory

8. Exercise helps to control addictions

9. Exercise boosts productivity

10. Exercise boosts creative thinking


  1. True on all points. Excercise also just simply makes you feel better physically. I’ve been out of town and busy with work and haven’t hit the gym in a week. Longest dry spell I’ve gone through in a long time. I NEED it.

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