A Five Step Guide

There’s no misunderstanding, we live in a world ridden with toxins. We hear about toxins in unavoidable sources such as our food, our water, and also things like “toxic” thoughts and relationships. The cocktail of toxins we are exposed to every day can create health issues that we’re all experiencing to different degrees. However with this being said, it’s important to find a balance between reducing our exposure to toxins and making ourselves crazy with anxiety, wrapping ourselves in cotton wool and never leaving the house. It’s true that we can’t remove all or even most of the toxins we are exposed to, but we can make good progress to lessen the effects they have on our health. Here are 5 basic tips; all of which are a great place to start.

1. Eat Whole foods.

The major source of chemicals and toxins comes from our food. So we’ll repeat this until the cows come home: Look for whole foods free of preservatives, conservatives, and coloring agents. If available, choose chemical-free and organic varieties.

2. Find your toxic triggers.

Toxicity is not a new problem. Long before we added the burden of human-made chemicals to our bodies, toxic buildup could occur from eating too many of the foods that don’t work for you.

3. Use chemical-free cosmetics, body care, and cleaning products.

Over the last few years, this topic has been written about extensively. We now have lots of companies that are creating chemical-free products. Remember that a single toxin is often not the problem, it’s the symphony of them interacting together.

4. Filter your water.

Water is a major source of toxins today. Try to filter your drinking water and shower water. The city or town-supplied water in our showers and bathtubs has equal potential to add to our toxic load, because we absorb more water through our skin via bathing and showering than through drinking.

5. Do a seasonal Cleanse.

Cleansing is not an afterthought for health, it’s essential in today’s chemical-laden society. Toxins bioaccumulate in tissues faster than they can be eliminated. When toxins cannot be eliminated in a timely manner, they remain in circulation causing irritation and damage.

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