… To Try Over The Weekend! (And how to not dread it)

It’s like that old adage; the first five days after the weekend are always the hardest. By the time Friday night finally rolls around again, it’s all too easy to plan on taco and margarita consumption rather than when to soul cycle. Instead of making exercise just another chore to tick off over the course of the weekend (and lament wasting your free time doing something you’d rather not be doing) try and find ways to make it something to look forward to.

There are solutions to incorporate exercise in your weekend without having it feel like a trip to the dentist, paying your credit card bill and getting a bikini wax all in one. Here are our top 7 work out tips to try over the weekend.


Think working out on the weekend has to be exclusive to the gym? No way Jose! The weekend is the perfect time to get some fresh air, take your workout outdoors for a hike, enlist a friend to do a bootcamp at the park, go for a bike ride, or even a session of skiing or surfing (climate dependent, obviously). If the weather in your area isn’t being cooperative, why not gather some friends for an indoor basketball game, or take a visit to that indoor rock-climbing wall you’ve passing by the past 2 years?


The good thing about (those pesky) weekdays is that our schedule is more or less consistent; we know what we can and can’t work around. Try and make your weekend more like a weekday, by setting a schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Not every second has to be meticulously planned (where’s the fun in that?), but try and schedule an hour or two that’s just for you. Use the time to be active doing something you really enjoy like Zumba, ice skating, running or yoga, followed by some rewarding relaxation time.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll be leaving the brunt of your cleaning and housework piled up to complete over weekend. If you’re short on time and need to condense two jobs in to one, just plug in your earphones, put on some good tunes and transform your housework in to a workout! See how quickly you can smash out the physical stuff such as vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom, mopping the floors or washing windows. Then you can feel smug after completing your calorie killer exercise routine, knowing you’ve done TWO things that usually have a very high procrastination rate.


The best part of working out on the weekend: You have more time! Take advantage of your open schedule by trying something new or going somewhere different for your usual workouts. Whether it’s a new group fitness class, running at a new park or walking that trail with some friends. Trying something new can work your muscles and brain in new ways thereby helping to prevent boredom and those very frustrating weight loss plateaus.


The best way to achieve any goal starts with setting one. Sounds simple enough, but if you really want to be more active on the weekends, set a goal to do so. It can be as simple as saying you want to walk every Saturday for a month.


We all know how much better we perform when we have someone else to join us, especially, when trying to lose weight and get healthy. Be sure to include your friends in your weekend workout plans. Maybe even force a sibling if that doesn’t work out. Make it fun! Not only will you be burning calories, you’ll be making way more memories than just sitting around watching television.


It’s hard to want to work out if you’re not fueling your body for success. Especially after a few too many wines the previous night (we’re all guilty of it.) Studies have shown that people tend to make much poorer food choices over the weekends. Sure, the occasional late night out, cocktail or McDonalds run won’t really hurt, but if these weekend habits become the norm, could get in the way of your fitness goals. Make it a priority to get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals and snacks.

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