Woman Crush Wednesday

It’s no secret that we absolutely love everyone involved in our SkinnyMe tea community. That extends especially to all of our wonderful, talented, tea-loving health & lifestyle ambassadors around the world who constantly inspire others to achieve their own health goals. We love hearing advice off them, as well as some great food and lifestyle tips. We thought it would be only fair to share what they have to say with the rest of our community as well!

Today we are featuring our lovely Lydia Millen, who is an international blogger at http://www.lydiaelisemillen.com, which combines her love affairs with fashion, health and travel neatly in to one single blog. Here’s a little about her, and why she loves to teatox on SkinnyMe tea.

Why do you choose to Teatox?

The question is why wouldn’t you? Us British Babes drink tea likes it’s going out of fashion, so I prefer to know that the tea I’m drinking is beneficial to not only my taste-buds but also my skin, digestive system, energy levels and overall health goals! SkinnyMe tea has become an intrinsic part of my daily health and skincare routine that now I cannot live without!

What is your favourite SkinnyMe Tea product other than the Teatox?

The Acai tea is my personal favourite due to its delicious taste. It’s like a little treat but with weight loss benefits rather than weight gain (like so many other sweet treats.) I also travel quite a bit for work, getting on and off planes all the time wreaks havoc with my skin! Due to this I find the ‘Complexion Me Tea’ is my saviour, I literally take it everywhere with me.

What is your best fitness tip?

Get up and go! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, those 15 minutes will do so much more for improving your help than not doing them at all.

What does your daily nutrition consist of?

It usually involves a combination of meats and vegetables, eaten directly out of a Tupperware box! (I know, I’m a classy girl!)

What are you favourite beauty tips?

Water, water, and more water! I aim to drink about 3 litres of water a day to keep my body working properly, which I find directly reflects in my skin and hair.

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