How To Make Drinking Water More Exciting

Fact. Drinking water is essential for our bodies to function effectively.

Humans are not Camels. Although our bodies are made up of 50-75% water, we can’t store water as effectively as our hump-backed counterparts.  Instead, we rely on fresh supplies every day to perform metabolic processes.

Another fact: Women need approximately 2.1L and men need approximately 2.6L of water, daily.

It’s no secret that water certainly isn’t the most exciting beverage in the world and can sometimes seem hard (read: bland) to consume the recommended quota. So if we need to drink about 2-3Litres daily, how do we make drinking our daily intake of water more exciting and what are the alternatives?

A great way to make drinking the required quota of water per day much easier and tastier is to infuse it with any number or combination of fruits, which not only make it a whole lot tastier, but also maximise the nutrients of what you’re ingesting.

It’s no secret that here at SMT we love our detox water. Partially because it’s a more fun and colourful (not to mention edible) version of arts and crafts, and partially because the health benefits are just too beneficial to pass up.

Experimenting with all sorts of flavours and combinations is a great way to get creative with the contents of your fruit bowl. Here are some of our favourite ingredients to add to our water, and why they’re good for you.

Cucumber: prevents water retention and also has many anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemons & Limes: provides the cleansing effect of citric acid to help clear out the digestive system. Lemons have incredible alkalising properties.

Oranges contain flavonoids in the peel and juice that stimulate the immune system and protects against toxins and also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

Mint: helps the body digest more easily and it also alleviates stomach cramps.

Watermelon: contains citrulline, an amino acid that helps liver and kidney functions.

Berries: are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Berries also protect the brain from nasties such as free radicals, inflammation, radiation and excitotoxicity.

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